Little Ones



Five months! When you were still tiny and new and we came across older babies, I sometimes thought, “I can’t wait until she's older.” I would scold myself for wishing time away, and focus on enjoying you in the moment. Now that we’re here, I wouldn’t go back—I love this age more than any previous—and I already feel myself mourning its end. It's a good thing you can't wish for time to pass faster than it already does. You also can’t go back, which is why mamas’ hearts burst open as their babies grow.

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At two months old you are every definition of the word precious. You smile and coo at us more and more each day and you have the sunniest disposition. You love your daddy and your mama and anyone willing to snuggle. You are starting to show signs of playfulness. You haven't quite discovered that you can use your hands, but you sure like to move your feet—you tease me with your toes while you're nursing and you love pushing against the bars of your crib. Maybe you'll be a soccer player. :)

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two weeks young


Two weeks you've been earthside, and in that time you have shown me how quickly people can change. I've watched my husband become a father, my mother a grandmother, and I feel like a completely new person. I've watched you grow, ounces every day. Your eyebrows are more defined, you're more expressive, more coordinated, and more predictable. You make the same funny face every time you've had enough milk. You're fussier than you were the first week, mostly because your tummy hurts, but you're very good at communicating your needs and love to be patted, bounced, and walked. You have two cries, hungry and uncomfortable, one of which is resolved the second I pull out a nipple. I've watched my own body change remarkably fast, my belly shrinking much quicker than it grew. You're our little bug, our little squish, our Ella Bella. It's fun to dream about all the things we'll do with you when you're older. It's also fun to appreciate you for who you are right now. We love you so.

little one and her pooch

I started watching this little one three days a week, and today I brought my camera with me to capture her in the yummy early light. We are nearing my favorite time of year, when the sky turns the color of apricots at dawn and dusk. I am endlessly grateful to be living in such a beautiful place and that we get to share it with our friends. I can't wait to photograph more beautiful babies this fall. October is family portrait month, and I will have mini session dates available in Nevada County and the East Bay. If you want to stay informed consider joining my mailing list or "liking" my facebook page.

Clara Turns Two!

This month is flying by. And I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. A lot of angst has subsided and I'm feeling very grateful for where I am. Grateful for the good people in my life, success in my business, and appreciative of beautiful, healthy days. And this little girl is taking up a pretty sizable chunk of my heart.

Clara turned two a few weeks ago, and I snapped these photos at her little birthday celebration at a Berkeley park. I can't believe how fast she's growing up, and it's only accelerated by the presence of her older sister, Nyah, whom she absolutely adores. I have the pleasure of spending a few mornings a week with Clara, usually while Nyah is at preschool, and sometimes I get to watch them both. I can't adequately verbalize how much I enjoy them, but I know they're my absolute favorite subjects to photograph. And they're really so much more than just eye candy. 

Welcome to two, sweet Clara Bear! It looks good on you. 

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Sibling Portraits on the Farm

These three have beautiful souls. Every moment I have spent with them has been a blur of excitement, joy, love, and curiosity. The older two were the flower children in my wedding (and they were terrific!) and this was my first time getting to know the littlest one, who was in her gorgeous mama's belly at the time. I have wanted to photograph them for years! So lucky I got to chance, and so lucky to know them. 


I love this sequence. I was so captivated by her that somehow I shot 30 frames in 60 seconds! 

Thank you Leimomi for sharing your gorgeous children with me. I can't wait to get together next time we're in Hilo. Love love love to you and your family.