Nicole and Ross // Bay Area Couple // Lake County Engagement

Nicole is one of my very good friends, and our friendship is the effortless kind: we have so much in common and the conversation comes easy. I have known Ross just as long (they were already dating when she and I met working as shop girls) and I've liked him all along. But their pup Edie is brand new, and I'm a huge fan. Even more than I like each of them on their own, I really love them together. Together they're a family, and a really freaking good one. Relaxed, interesting, fun. They bring out the best in one another, and they look damn good together. 

We found a jawbone and they did some tooth extraction, perfect opportunity for a ring shot (here's some backstory on the bones).

Ross is from Iowa. Nicole is originally from Alaska, but spent most of her adolescence just miles from this Lake County valley. After undergrad, Nicole's best friend Elaine was starting at the Iowa Writers' Workshop and she decided to tag along. "We went to a movie night to watch Rosemary's baby, which my mother and I had listened to together when she drove me out to Iowa. I met Ross that night and Elaine encouraged me to join Facebook so I could flirt with him and the rest is boring stable relationship stuff." 

Ross and Nicole, congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the club of boring stable relationships, also known as a happy marriage! I couldn't be more thrilled for you guys. 

Empire Mine Couples Session // Sam & Christian

We headed up to Grass Valley over New Year's to celebrate with friends, and while we were there I got to do a session with the lovely Sam and Christian. They have been married for a year and a half and are one of the most incredible couples I know. On the morning of the last day of the year we explored Empire Mine State Park together (and took a few photos).

That place is full of history. If you're ever in Nevada County, check it out. Thank you Sammy and Christian for being such incredible models and for hosting us for new years! We love you guys!

Josh and Katie // Engagement

I have known Josh since high school. Since he was the T.A. in my Chemistry class, which [after a few beers] he never fails to mention whenever we're together. I have only known Katie for just over a year, when she and Jen picked me at the Auburn bus stop on the morning of Sam and Christian's wedding. Considering our guys are in constant communication via group text message regarding fantasy football or the next big camping trip, I know I'll have a lot of time to get to know her and love her even more.

These photos were taken while camping on the banks of Blue Lake in the Tahoe National Forest over Labor Day Weekend. Four couples plus friends and dogs, two nights, multiple coolers, and a stand up paddle board. It was a good time. We got rained out Monday morning, complete with lightening, which added a little drama to the weekend.

Congratulations on your engagement, Josh and Katie! Looking forward to the wedding and I'm so glad that lately we've been able to get together more often.