Questions for Couples

Your wedding day is approaching! Please fill out my day-of questionnaire. The more I know, the better coverage I can provide. 

Wedding party member, sibling, or close friend that will be with each of you before the ceremony
Do you want photos of each of you getting ready?
Please include addresses and specify who will be at each address.
Do you plan on doing a First Look?
A First Look is a moment set up by the photographer for the couple to see each other before the wedding ceremony. This gives the couple a chance to share a private moment together, away from family and friends, before the ceremony. This also allows time for more photos to be taken before the ceremony, not sacrificing time away from guests post-ceremony.
Do you plan to have a bridal party?
Example: bride with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, entire wedding party, bride with maid of honor, etc.
I want to make sure I am in position!
Sometimes couples like to escape for a private moment with or without the photographer. Another option is to launch right into family formals. (Don't forget to touch up your makeup!)
Family Formals
Do you plan to take photos with your family?
For example, Anna & Tom would list: Anna + Tom + Anna's immediate family, Anna + Tom + Tom's grandma Mary, Tom & Tom's mom, Anna + Anna's siblings etc. I realize this can take some time to put together, if you want to email me separately, feel free.
Example: college roommates, childhood best friend
Portraits of the couple
I recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes.
Do you and your partner want sunset portraits? This is usually when the light is best.
This may mean that we sneak away together during the reception, just before the sun goes down, for as little as 15 minutes without being missed. If you don't know what time sunset will be on your wedding day, google it! I can help you with this if needed.
Will you be incorporating any of the following traditions into your reception?
Vendor Contact Information
If you’re having other vendors at the wedding, please provide their names and email addresses so that I can both coordinate with them on the day of, and also give them photos when the wedding is over

Thank you!