My Grandmother's Paintings

Last Saturday after my soccer game, Marina and I drove up north to her home in Petaluma. We left San Francisco around 5:30 (after buying a rotisserie chicken, which we ate in the car) and entered Sonoma County as the hills were turning pink. 

We had pasta with baby zucchini for dinner, warm brownies and coconut bliss for dessert, and slept like rocks. We awoke to the sun coming in through the curtains in her studio/bedroom and lighting up the orchids. We read in bed until we were roused by our appetites. I began photographing her paintings while she made eggs benedict from the leftover chicken. 

Five hours later I was still photographing paintings. The woman is prolific. And every work of art comes with a story that enhances it. I created a website to showcase her talent and wanted to share some of her best pieces here. I hope you enjoy. All paintings are available to ship worldwide. 

Marsh with Egrets // Oil on canvas // 24" x 36" 

Dillon Beach in the Morning // Oil on canvas // 24" x 36"

Pelican Point, Tomales Bay (part of a diptych) // Oil on canvas // 24" x 36"

Red Phase, Estero // Oil on canvas // 30" x 40"

Mariah's Irises // Oil on canvas // 30" x 36"

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