Golden Gate Bridge // Marin Headlands

Sadie and I planned a trip to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands. I can't believe I had never been. Leaving Oakland it was really hazy, but when we crossed over to 101 it cleared up. And when the sun began to set the clouds came alive. 

The narcissus think it's spring.

It was an exercise in patience. And it felt like such a luxury to compose my shot and wait for the light to be just right. 

If you've never been I highly recommend going to watch the sunset. It would be a fun date. Be sure to bundle up, and maybe take a thermos of hot chocolate. There is so much to watch: tourists, seriously equipped photographers, boats (they go out just past the bridge and then make a sharp turn back to safety), container ships, cars without headlights on. The bridge itself really lights up when the sun is on the horizon.