Green Things

I've been inspired lately to add some more green to our home. We don't yet have an outdoor space but we may as well liven up the indoors as long as we're in this apartment. Jeffery used to work at a garden center and spent a couple months interning at my mom's farm before joining me in England. The man knows plants. Some things I've learned from him: 

  • The only way to learn if something will live is to give it a try.
  • Be sure not to over water.
  • Open the curtains to let the light in.

Pretty basic. I'm still on the lookout for a fiddle leaf fig.  I spend a lot of time admiring other people's gardens when I'm out walking or running in Oakland and Berkeley. (You can check out my instagram for photos.) We're nearing the end of dahlia season, and tomatoes are starting to ripen on the vine. I'm learning to appreciate the subtle transition of what's in season. It can be so fleeting. I know that when we have the space Jeffery and I will both enjoy planting, tending and harvesting our outdoor flowers and edibles.  Until then, a girl can dream.