Into the second week of the new year and things are good. I am so glad that my ankle is mostly healed and I can go on walks again. I really love being outside with this guy, even if he makes a face when I take his photo. We try to get out for a walk at least once every Saturday or Sunday and even that's a challenge. With photo shoots, football games, waiting for washing machine repair men, the sun setting so early still, and just wanting to laze around with the kitties, some weekends sneak by without getting a walk in, which is disappointing. We are trying to do a workout video every other night, which has been fun. And we've decided that once a week we will make a big salad for dinner. This week it was red butter lettuce, quinoa, walnuts, green beens, and chick peas with a garlicky vinaigrette. We ate vegetarian three nights this week, on Sunday we had pasta in a red sauce, the bulk of which was julienned zucchini (made possible with our mandolin). Then I made mushroom bourguignon. And after three nights of vegetables we both craved burgers, so last night we made turkey sliders. They were delicious. 

I started a 365 photo challenge on instagram. If you want to follow along, you can find me at roseannbathphoto.

We booked tickets to visit my parents in Hawaii, and leave February 7th, which is four weeks from tomorrow! When we get back I plan on looking for more nanny work, so I have between now and then to get in as many photo shoots as possible. If you've been wanting to book something now is a good time! 

Even though it's been beautiful out we're hoping for rain! Hard to believe how much snow is falling all over the country and we can't get a drop.