Nicole and Ross // Married in Elk, CA

jenny and sam

Thank you for the photo, Elisabeth!

Flash back to January. I remember it was raining in San Francisco (did it even rain at all in January?), and Nicole and I were getting our nails done. We were happy to spend the afternoon being pampered, catching up, and talking wedding. Ross had proposed on Christmas, things were starting to come together, and it was all very exciting. When Nicole asked if I would shoot her "getting ready photos" I was blown away. I knew that by September I would have eight months more experience under my belt and so hopefully I wouldn't let her down. 

Fast forward and my dear friend is a married lady! Documenting her last few hours as a single girl was a privilege. There is nothing better than witnessing friends committing their lives to loving one another. There is nothing better than experiencing community coming together in celebration of love and family. The wedding was flawless, the bride and groom were the happiest I've seen them and they deserve it all. I just can't believe how quickly it all goes by.