Prince Family // Tilden Park

mama kisses
family session tilden park botanical garden
engaged father
mama bear and baby bear family session tilden
daddy kisses family session tilden park berkeley
family portrait
cookies in pockets excitement

Cookies in pockets! We are not above bribery to get toddler smiles. ;)

family session eucalyptus grove tildon
walking with a toddler

This family has taught me more about life than just about anything. I've been babysitting their girls for nearly two years, have spend countless hours in their home, and am still in awe of all the love. I can't say enough how much I'm enjoyed watching these little girls grow and I feel privileged to be part of their story. They have helped me create some of my favorite art over the years and this session was no different. The colors came together so beautifully, and I was pretty much in heaven.  

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