Last Days in Hilo

The last of our Hawaii vacation photos. Sigh. As always, it felt like too short a trip. And because I had three photo session while we were there, I ended up taking fewer personal photos than usual. These are the ones I don't want to get away.

Jeffery and I went to watch the surfers at Honoli'i Beach Park. We walked down to the creek and then drove over one of the prettiest bridges in the Hilo area. 

One evening we went for a long walk in my parent's neighborhood and encountered some interesting creatures:

Hawaiian Pony

Jungle Kitty

Vacation Jeffery


We took Nala on a five-mile round-trip hike through the jungle to Shipman Beach, definitely a highlight of the trip. 

Smiling dog


On Valentines Day I got my mom to take our photo, the only one of me that exists from the whole trip. We went out to lunch, shopped for fancy chocolates at Big Island Candies, and enjoyed a decadent meal of filet mignon, lobster, asparagus, and hollandaise at home with my parents. Best of all, I got to spend the entire day with my honey. 

Our last adventure was a drive to the Waipio Valley outlook. We hiked a bit of the way down the hill before determining that we were underprepared and turned back. Afterwards we tasted some beers at the Big Island Brewhaus in Waimea (highly recommended!). 

Oh, Big Island. I really love you. And I appreciate your mellow vibes and understated beauty. We look forward to next time!