A Birthday on the Russian River

We celebrated the birthday of a dear friend at the Russian River a couple weekends ago. I didn't pick up my camera until it started to drizzle, and I wish I had gotten it out earlier. We headed to a brew pub nearby and were able to sit outside at picnic tables under the protection of leafy green trees. We played dice and enjoyed some fried food and beers, because our picnic of bread, cheese, olives, grapes, salami, potato salad, cupcakes, chips, and salsa obviously wasn't enough. 

My pace of life has slowed down, and after a very busy May and June I am grateful for the breathing room. I find myself mistaking contentment for boredom and I have to remind myself that it's temporary. The last couple years have felt very charged. There have been a lot of high highs and invested emotions, sometimes leading to disappointment. I've stumbled upon an anxiety-free period of peace and I don't want to take it for granted.