Sunrise in the Valley // Styled Shoot // Nevada County, CA

I am beginning to realize how important personal work is for the soul. And how wonderful and life-affirming it is collaborating with other talented creatives. All we have to do is sacrifice a little sleep and pour a few hours into doing something we love and we are able to create something beautiful.

I am so grateful to the women who helped make this shoot happen. Our lovely model, Tessa. Would you believe this was her first time in front of the camera? The girl is gorgeous. Angela Nunnink is the artist/magician behind the expertly crafted hair and makeup. This woman is a serious talent, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I foresee many more collaborations in our future. Our friend, Christian is the glue, she introduced the three of us and made it possible for us to shoot on her family's incredible ranch in Penn Valley. She also woke up at 4am and provided support the entire time. The styling was a collaboration, all pieces from Tessa's closet. I don't think it could have turned out any better.

And in hopes of helping to help manifest other projects by throwing the idea out into the universe, here are some other photography opportunities I would love to be a part of: a series of portraits of long-haired girls (age 7-14) with really intricate and mature updos and braids, preferably redheads, in nature/the woods. I would also love to shoot a lookbook for a line of children's clothing, in a flower/vegetable garden at sunset. Lastly, I really want to photograph another birth. If anyone in the Nevada County area has beautiful children, a farm, property, a baby on the way, or wants to be a part of any of these projects, please get in touch!