Memorial Day // We Bought a House!!!

This post is long overdue. When big things are happening in real life, the blog gets neglected. The last six weeks has been an absolute whirlwind, but I want to make sure I get this post up so that I don't forget.

Jeffery turned 30 over memorial day weekend, and we went up to Grass Valley to celebrate. We had previously gotten the ball rolling with a lender, and had started talking to our realtor about what we were looking for in a home. We hadn't planned on looking at houses until July, but we were up there and there was one home we wanted to see, so we made an appointment. What's the harm? ;) These photos were taken in the evening after we had fallen in love and made an offer. I was a ball full of nerves while we waited to hear back if our offer was accepted. This little cutie was a great distraction.

The next morning we walked to the coffee shop, making a slight detour to see the house again. This is the across-the-street neighbor's beautiful garden. That afternoon we drove to the mountains and hiked the Sierra Buttes trail with our friends. The anxiety mixed with the winding roads did a number on my insides. But the views were incredible and the company couldn't be beat, so a pretty good distraction overall. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but when I fall in love I fall hard and fast. I was already all in, dreaming about the possibilities, and simultaneously trying to talk myself down from the ledge. It all felt so charged. After moving to England and getting married, this was the biggest decision we had ever made. I really didn't want to end up disappointed. 

I don't know how I had service, but somehow near the top of the mountain I got the text from our realtor informing us that our offer had been accepted. (!!!!!!!!!!!) 

The next morning we met up with this little cutie and walked to the park.

So much has already happened since then. We closed on the 30th of June, we got the keys on Friday and worked all of 4th of July weekend to make it ours. We are blown away by the generosity of our new community, so many people have already pitched in to help. When we're all moved in we're going to cook a huge feast to thank everyone, but even that isn't enough. We're going to pass it along by lending our efforts to others, which I'm just now realizing is the true meaning of community. We have spent so many years feeling isolated in the city, and now we know that life doesn't have to be like that. 

 Mostly we are excited for what's to come. We love our little old house, and we love Grass Valley.