Jenny Lemons Lookbook

In November I had the opportunity to shoot a lookbook for my friend, Jennie Lennick. She is a San Francisco-based artist with a hand-painted, hand-sewn, food-inspired clothing and jewelry line, Jenny Lemons. It was such a fun day, and everything came together beautifully. 

Jennie's designs are one-size-fits-most, and we were all astounded by how versatile each piece was. The models, all with different body types, looked good in everything and had a difficult time selecting their favorites. We were oohing and ahhing over every piece. I can't overstate the level of quality and attention to detail Jennie puts into her designs. They photographed really well because they are beautifully made.

From her website:  

"All products created by Jenny Lemons are produced entirely by hand in her studio. Fabrics are carefully selected then block printed, painted, and/or dyed. Every pattern is drafted, cut, and sewn, one by one. Because of this, each item is entirely unique.

Jenny Lemons constructs garments that are playful, comfortable, and made with natural fibers like linen, cotton, silk, and denim chambray. All materials are sourced locally in an effort to support our community."

You can shop her creations and view the complete lookbook here:

You can find Jennie on instagram, learn about the classes she offers, and follow along with her latest creations here:

Thank you Jennie for asking me to be a part of your collection!