The End of Summer

Summer is past, but we're still harvesting incredible amounts of tomatoes and squash. Hopefully the forty degree nights don't halt production. I never shared a photo of our 13-foot sunflower, here it is in all its glory (with Ethan in there for scale in early August). We FINALLY finished our fence, installed shelving in the living room (details here), purchased new windows (just waiting for our install date) and we've gotten quotes to begin our kitchen remodel. We have to level the floors and move our water heater before we can take down the kitchen/dining wall. Squirrel continues to grow into the sweetest little girl. She curls up with me on the couch at night and most mornings she sits on our chests and purrs. I think she actually thinks she's a squirrel. She watches them with astute interest and continues to climb higher and higher. So far she hasn't had any trouble coming back down, fingers crossed.

Currently reading: All the Light We Cannot See and LOVING it. This story follows its beautiful characters through France and Germany during WWII. Some are fleeing Paris on foot while bombs are falling, while others are coming of age at a school for boys during the height of Hitler's reign. Both scenarios are utterly terrifying and I have so much compassion for them all, particularly the older generation who is living through hell for the second time. It's incredible how destructive humans can be. And in our current political climate it has me slightly terrified. One more month before we can [hopefully] put all this idiocy behind us. #imwithher

Tomato soup for dinner tonight. I'm going to roast these beauties with onions and garlic, blend with basil, and serve with parmesan sourdough toast.