henna, aki, mateo + helena // Chicago Family Photographer

Last spring, I flew to Chicago to photograph Naomi and David's engagement and to finally meet (in person) my friend and soul sister, Henna. We met online a few years ago, back when Teo was a toddler. She is one of the most inspiring people I know. You know the kind of people you just get, and they get you? And you stay up way too late talking because you have so much to tell one another? Those friendships are rare and valuable and worth nurturing.

Henna is head over heals in love with her husband, Aki, who moved to the U.S. from Croatia for college. He got into school in Arkansas and thought he was fluent in English until he arrived. ;) Mateo and Helena are two of the coolest kids I have met (and I've met a lot of kids) and they are expecting their third baby (another girl!) this spring, who will officially be the luckiest little lady on the planet. I adore these beautiful humans and look forward to a lifelong friendship.

We had less than thirty minutes from when the kids woke up to when Aki needed to leave for work to snap photos. So we whipped up some waffles in their GORGEOUS kitchen. It was really dark out that morning, so we left the overhead lights on, which is why many of the images are in black and white. 

I look forward to my next Chicago visit IMMENSELY. Or maybe we can rendezvous at Lake Tahoe? xo