Baby Shower Invitations with Paperless Post

At first, I was so consumed by this pregnancy that that I didn't think there would be a moment in all 40 weeks where I could possibly forget I was housing a small human. Maybe I've settled into my largeness, because I find myself momentarily forgetting. And then I'm reminded as soon as I stand still and the baby moves (like a little sea creature turning flips), or my hand gravitates towards my belly, or I bump into something, or I catch sight of my reflection in a pane of glass. It is nice to have a bit more head space, and I feel extremely lucky that my second trimester has been so smooth.

I'm 26.5 weeks, officially 6 months along, and with less than 100 days until my due date, the reality is sinking in that this baby is going to be on the outside really freaking soon. And once it is, our entire world is going to change. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to this little one's arrival, and now that the shower invitations have been sent out, the excitement is pouring in and it's contagious. 

My mom is throwing me a baby shower in August and we decided months ago that we would send out digital invitations via email. So when Paperless Post reached out to collaborate, I was very excited to see the designs they offer. 

Paperless Post carries designs by dozens of reputable designers, including some of my favorites: Rifle Paper Co, merimekko, Liberty fabrics, and Kate Spade. They have so many pretty invites, I had trouble choosing a favorite! In the end I wanted to be practical. I have a tendency to lean towards girlier, floral designs, but the gender of our baby is a surprise, and because we're having the party in our garden at the peak of the season, we decided to go with the vegetable theme (bottom right), which is by Happy Menocal.

The Paperless Post website is really easy to navigate. I was able to completely customize my invites, add a link to our registry, and ask guests for their mailing address so that I won't have any trouble getting thank-you-notes in the mail (before baby comes—no guarantees I'll get anything accomplished after). There is also a comment wall where guests can ask questions or share photos and the website keeps track of RSVPs and allows the host to easily contact the guests. Overall, it's extremely user-friendly. The designs can also be easily ordered in paper form to mail to grandparents (or anyone who doesn't use email) or to save as a keepsake—we ordered 10 for this very purpose. If you are interested in creating beautiful invites for any event, be sure to check out their designs. 

With a party to look forward to, I know the next couple months are going to fly by. And I hope they do, because I really want to meet this tiny person. 

This post was published in partnership with Paperless Post. ❤