mama's day


Yesterday evening while daddy planted the vegetables, we sat in the shade of a cedar tree and observed our little backyard world—puffy white clouds against a blue blue sky; bees navigating the bristly petals of the bottlebrush; some flowers dropping petals, others on the edge of bloom; kitties coming and going—and as long as you had something to chew on, you were perfectly content in my lap for hours. 🌿 A couple years ago, when I was sad and aching for a full womb, my own wise mama told me she believed our babies were out there, waiting for the right time to choose us, and I’m so grateful you chose me to be your mama, Ella. 🌻 To all the future mama yearning for babies of their own, I know how hard it is to wait and wonder. You will be mothers one day, and your children are worth waiting for. Sending you all a huge hug, patience, and baby dust.