All of your dolls and stuffed animals are currently wearing diaper covers and you ask us to change them frequently. And even though you spend a lot of time on your little potty, you have yet to use it for its intended purpose. The last couple nights it has been in the bath with you.

You are obsessed with necks and tails and you point them out when you see them, which is often. You are also very into sinks and drinking fountains. You talk about them frequently and ask to "wash hands" whenever you see one.

You are talking so much. "Mama, covers! Read to you [me]!" You adore Pete the Cat, and ask us to sing Little Blue Car from our Music Together class multiple times throughout the day.

You adore chickens, and got pecked by one the other day, which was devastating. In the past few weeks you have been acting aggressively towards people smaller than you, but I think you're coming around.

We sure love you, Ella.