Pieces of Tuesday

Jeffery and I were both off today, and despite the rain we got out of the house and ventured out into the Sunset to get Batman his specialty urinary cat food. On the way there we wandered upon an open house.


For half a million, it wasn't really our style. Too many rooms. Who needs all those rooms?

We picked up the cat food and walked through the park to Clement Street, where at Green Apple Books Jeffery finally found a used copy of this:


I love it when he gets excited about food and wants to try new recipes. We headed to the restaurant supply store in search of mini tart pans, and they didn't have them. But we did find cherries for 99 cents a pound at the produce market across the street.


Ten days until Jeffery and I leave for Hawaii! I talked to my mom this morning. The first set of laying hens she got two and a half years ago have all stopped laying. It's amazing how fast time flies. I remember when they were this size:


I am looking forward to family time and sunshine and lilikoi margaritas and fresh eggs and relaxation and wedding planning and snorkeling and playing soccer with my dad and bbqs and hanging out in my new bikini and picking vegetables from the yard and playing with the pets and looking through old photo albums and reading and taking lots of pictures!

Tomorrow I attend a Leadership Meeting with representatives from all of the other stores at a hotel in Union Square. In the afternoon we're heading to the De Young Museum see the Balenciaga and Spain fashion exhibition. Should be a fun day at the office!