Saturday Brunch

Saturdays make me really happy for two reasons:

1. I get to play soccer.

2. I get to see my wonderfulgenerousinspirational grandmother (who takes me to all of my games).

This particular Saturday was especially good because before my game I got to have brunch with one of my lovely bridesmaids, and after my game I had a book club "gathering" with some smartfuneasygoing girls. And by gathering I mean we mostly sit around and eat baguette and various cheeses and crackers and fruit and cupcakes and drink iced tea and sangria and talk a lot about all kinds of girly things and talk a little about the book we're reading (right now it's Tolstoy's Anna Karenina).

Back to brunch. Marina (my grandmother) asked me what she could bring. I said flowers. She brought a fragrant and beautiful multicolor bunch of roses from her garden, the first of the year.


I got baguettes from Thoroughbread Bakery, the best in the city, and eggs from the farmer's market and made french toast and fried eggs and smoothies.


Jessica and I met working at Crossroads when we were still teenagers in our first years of college at SFSU. We both loved fashion and were each developing our own personal style. We have always been able to talk about anything and everything. She has since moved back to Sacramento to finish school, but has fallen in love with a boy that happens to live directly across the street from me in San Francisco. She was here for the weekend, and we had brunch.


 Kitty wanted some too.