35 mm, Hawaii '09

The last time I visited my parents was two years ago. 

These are my favorite photos from the trip.


Mom's basil and fuchsia


Me and Nala


Dad's '68 BMW


Jeffery and Mochi


Mom mowing the front lawn


My brother, Austin


My father, Douglas


It was back when my hair was short and the pets were little. It was before I moved abroad and before Jeffery and I spent seven months apart and before we started planning the wedding. It was before we had been to London or Milan or Dublin or Edinburgh or Amsterdam or Montpellier. It was before we moved back to San Francisco and before I started working in the Castro. It was before I finished my degree and it was before Jeff decided to go back to school.

We have 8 rolls of film packed and ready to go. This time next week we'll be waking up to roosters crowing. And the sun will rise up over the ocean and we'll have omelets for breakfast.