To Move or Not to Move

It's only human to strive for better. A better job, a nicer apartment. We've been planning on moving once our lease is up all along, but now that it almost is, we can't find anything better than what we already have. So I'm trying to focus on what's good. One thing I love about our apartment is how great the light is. We have west facing windows, so we get soft morning light, bright afternoon and evening light, and warm pink light once the sun has set over the rooftops of the facing buildings. I hand wash all of my delicates and hang them to dry by the windows. In the morning the sun shines through making them glow. Aren't they beautiful?


I love waking up and seeing blue sky almost every day, which is a luxury living in San Francisco. We don't live in a wind tunnel, we don't get the billowing fog. We just have the street noise and fire truck sirens, which isn't so bad. It's the noise of the city. My commute is a breeze, we are super close to all forms of transportation, and we can walk most places, which is why I live in San Francisco. We are on the top floor, so we don't have people walking on our heads and our orchids are really happy. Our kitty is too. And we're happy, and is moving worth the risk of being unhappy somewhere else?