today was a good day

Today Jeffery and I had brunch at Mission Beach Cafe, one of my favorite brunch places. It's delicious and affordable, and I recommend it to everyone.


We got there at about 12:30 and I was really hungry. I left the house after only having a banana and a cup of tea. So when the food arrived I dug right in and forgot to take a photo.

Insert artful and mouthwatering photo #1 of huevos racheros towering with homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream and micro-cilantro. Insert mouthwatering and artful photo #2 of Jeffery's egg and sausage sandwich on a housemade English muffin served with dill potatoes.

It was so good I might just have to go back and order it again and then take photos of it.

With full bellies we walked up towards Castro to have Jeffery's wedding pants tailored. We followed a little Asian lady through a maze of hanging shirts to a back room with a pedestal and she pinned the hem. Painless. Before we left she told Jeff he looked like Justin Timberlake, and giggled.

And then we headed back to Civic Center for eggs. I love having Wednesdays off. There is no wait for brunch and we get to go to the Farmer's market.


Sunflowers, succulents, eggs, eggplant, tomatoes and a ton of basil. Time to make pesto!