Feels like Spring

The tulips on our fire escape have opened.


The first two that came up look a little funky, but the third one is perfect.


I've been holding on to a $20 gift card to Anthropologie since before Christmas, but haven't found anything worth spending it on. The things I like are in the $70-$90 range, and I don't want to spend a whole lot extra just to use it up. But today I came home with something I really love, and still have $7 left for next time.

anthropologie dish towels

My kitchen is all orange, white and blue. Well, it is mostly white and blue with a little bit of orange thrown in where it counts [thank you Le Creuset flame pots and pans]. But the color scheme will be a little more balanced with my beautiful new napkins.

I have a money saving philosophy when shopping, and that is if you can walk away from something you should. Especially with new clothing, I nitpick and scrutinize whether or not it is flattering, if it will wash well, what I will wear it with, and if I find anything wrong at all, I make myself dwell on the matter until I no longer want it. It's quite effective. I rarely regret not buying something, and if I do, I go back and get it later. Or I hunt for it on ebay and get it for less.

So, a successful shopping excursion in Union Square. I didn't spend a dime of my own money and even got some free samples from Sephora. I'm trying to find a new face moisturizer with a high spf. The one I love has changed its formula and I no longer love it. Any recommendations?