Celebrating One Year

wildflowers and a lady slipper

Today marks one year since my first post on The Naked Rose. Since then I have developed a much clearer idea of what I want out of this space. I know the direction I want to go in, and I am excited about the potential it creates. I like having it as a reminder for me to share a piece of my world with my readers. And I like that I get to create something, from start to finish.

Marina brought me a Lady Slipper orchid and wildflowers on Saturday. I love how animalistic the Lady Slipper is, with its curved neck and spotted leaves. Since taking this photo, it has turned completely around to face the light. I'll share a photo when it opens. 

Remember how last week I was feeling rusty on the soccer field? Well this week I scored two goals and we won 2-1! It feels really good to contribute, especially since my team works as hard as they do. I love seeing the same smiling faces every Saturday during the season and I love being part of a group of women who appreciate the game and are good at it. It really is poetry in motion. You should hear Marina get into a game. I get knocked from behind, "RUUUDE! That was sooo RUUUDE!!!" I love her.