poppy on fire escape

Jeffery and I are off to a wedding in the Sierra foothills this weekend, north east of Sacramento. It's supposed to be 102° and I am going to wear this dress in navy with white saltwater sandals. I love my new saltwaters. They are really comfy and go with pretty much everything I own. It's nice having a white shoe in the summer to brighten up an outfit.

Today we are six months married, and I love being married. I love it that we are in this together and we have each one another's back. I love doing nice things for him and doing what I can to make his day easier. Marriage requires selflessness. It is no longer all about me, I am part of a family, part of a greater whole. And I feel like it gives my efforts more meaning.

He's in the wedding, so he left yesterday, and I'll take the train out to meet him Saturday afternoon. This is the first time since being married that we've spent time apart. It definitely makes me appreciate having him around. It will also be our first trip out of the city since our honeymoon, and the first time since we've been married that he hasn't been working three jobs while going to school. So, no homework, no obligations. For the past two years we have both had our noses to the grindstone. This is the start of our hard work paying off and for the first time we can relax and enjoy.