Thanksgiving in Sonoma

cat sniffing jug of water
cat and jug in dappled light
soft and fuzzy belly of a cat
chickens on the steps
grandmother walking to persimmon tree
persimmon orange against blue sky
holding a persimmon in the kitchen
old dodge truck rusted
red maple tree
red maple leaves
pretty salad with pansies
Jeffery smiling
light on the floor
light on the chairs
looking through the window at the garden
alligator and friend

Over Thanksgiving we ventured up north to Sonoma and stayed at Lee's beautiful home. It was pretty idyllic, with furry little creatures roaming the garden. The light was spectacular in the mornings, I love how it danced through the windows and off of all the wood. We ate a whole lot more than just salad and persimmons, they were just the prettiest.