Weekends Together



Jeffery, Ella, my parents, and I traveled to France for two weeks to watch the Women’s World Cup finals in Lyon. It started with jetlag, and a level of exhaustion I had forgotten existed. And also a heat wave and accommodations so awful that we hightailed it out of there, foregoing a refund. Our first stop was Brison-Saint-Innocent, a small village outside Aix-les-Bains on Lac du Bourget.

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salmon and sardine lakes // sierra buttes day trip

salmon and sardine lakes // sierra buttes day trip

Quick day trip to the Sierra Buttes with my folks last week, where we explored Salmon Lake, picnicked at Lower Sardine and hiked to Upper Sardine. We packed a lunch of homemade sourdough, cheese, avocado, veggies, hummus, apricots, and potato chips. The girl had a blast, and it was fun showing my mom and dad a part of California they had never seen.

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Two Nights in the Tahoe National Forest

Seven adults, one pup, and two nights in the mountains. We're already itching to go back. I posted on my instagram that I was a bit apprehensive about backpacking. I have a history of scoliosis and a back that tires easily, and in the past I wrote it off as something that wasn't for me. I don't do well when I'm tired or hungry or in pain, and I was worried it would bring out the worst in me. But our friends invited us to join them, so we bought some essentials and borrowed some gear, packed plenty of food, and stayed optimistic. Waking up that first morning to the sun rising over the lake had me sold. Having the right gear makes all the difference. I highly recommend anyone on the fence about backpacking to borrow some gear (or rent from REI) and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and the world to gain. 

A Birthday on Tomales Bay

Last weekend we joined Marina at the Inn on Tomales Bay in Marshall for her birthday, celebrating with too many oysters Rockefeller and games of Scrabble (is there such a thing?), cappuccino It's-its, daffodils, leisurely breakfasts and dinners, long walks, and new friends. That woman sure knows how to live. I took some impromptu birthday portraits on Sunday and I'm so glad I did. Happy birthday darling, I love you!

Hike to Penner Lake

Thanks for the photo, Katie!

We went hiking in the Tahoe National Forest last Saturday, and it was nice starting off without a destination. All it took was the suggestion of a couple passing us on the trail to motivate us to keep going. Penner was gorgeous, definitely worth the 90 minutes it took to get there. After four hours in nature with friends my head was more clear than it's been in a long time. It was beautiful out, perfect temperature and clear skies. I am so grateful for this vast and varied California landscape that I get to call home.

The Big Island

There really are no words. Despite two days of debilitating sickness for me, it was the perfect vacation. Late March was the time to go. The weather was glorious and the sea life showed up. We took four long hikes in six days to remote and beautiful locations all over the island: Shipman Beach (15 sea turtles!), Waipio Valley (whales!), Papakolea (more whales!), and (not pictured) Kealakekua Bay, where we were treated to the best snorkeling I have ever seen and we got to swim with a pod of 30-40 spinner dolphins. Traveling with our friends and getting to share our favorite parts of the Big Island was a gift. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure and I am so grateful.

Presidents' Weekend // Grass Valley

Last weekend we drove up to one of our favorite places to spend some quality time with some of our favorite people. On Saturday (Valentine's Day) I was the third wheel on a boys' fishing trip on the Yuba, but with perfect temperatures and breathtaking surroundings I didn't mind at all. We hiked along Independence Trail and it felt like spring. There were countless varieties of ferns and fungi growing out of the hillside, the first wildflowers were popping, and we spotted salamanders in the creeks running down the mountain. We didn't pack a lunch and only had gum and sunflower seeds to curb our hunger after a 90 minutes of hiking and another hour+ of relaxing by the river, but I was inspired by my surroundings (everything was so green!) and I was happy to have my book and my camera with me. 

On Sunday morning we made crepes and got to hang out with this little lady, who will be a year old the next time we see her! She sure lights up the room.

That afternoon we drove up highway 49 towards Downieville, stopping for some sunshine, fishing, and exercise along the way.

We drove up past Sierra City and got a great view of the Buttes, then the boys did some fishing in Salmon creek while Ranger scared away all the fish.



That night we barbecued a whole chicken! It's crazy to think that in a matter of months we'll be calling Nevada County home.