Recipe for a Successful Family Session // East Bay Family Portrait Photography

Start with the lovely Miss Charlotte. 

Add a healthy dose of bouncing on Mom and Dad's bed... (white linens are so good for photos!)

...and a tickle fest... 

...and then try for some group shots. 

But the toddler really wants to play at her water table...

so change her shirt and let her play.

When she's had enough water play, go for a walk.  

Pick some flowers... 

...and when that gets old, go for a ride on dad's shoulders...

...and then throw her in the air. 

By now your little one may be a bit tired and reluctant, so you'll probably have to carry her. 

(Now is a good time to sneak in some kisses.)

Have a destination in mind... the playground!

Let your little monkey play.

Watch for indications that she's tired. For Charlotte, the sign is hair-twirling.

Head home for lunch.

But never stop playing!

And keep trying for that group shot. 

Lastly, always bring along a toy monkey! 

Thank you Stephanie and Kevin for being so welcoming and relaxed and for having fun the whole time!  You guys are a photographer's dream.