A Three-Year-Old Baseball Connoisseur

I have never met a kid as young as Milo more passionate about one thing than he is about baseball. And at three and a half, he is a dedicated student of the game. This little one eats, sleeps and breathes baseball. He knows all of the A's players, their positions, uniform numbers, and batting order. You name it, he knows it. And he's a switch hitter with a pretty mean follow through. 

We walked to a nearby park to get in some batting practice. Just like every day. As soon as he put on his A's gear, the excitement bubbled up from his sneakers to his fingertips. He beamed. We played for about 45 minutes. He was so focused. It made my job easy. The backdrop and lighting could not have been better, and I love all of the lines and shadows. And that smile! That lead off stance! He could not be cuter. It reaffirms that my favorite thing to photograph is people doing what they love most. He worked up an appetite and earned himself a homemade cookie. Milo Man, when you're an all-star, I hope these are the photos that flash on the big screen.