Cats of Hillegass // Hiking Berkeley Hills

Walking around Berkeley I found these lovelies. The green eyed tabby, "Flower," kept running towards me, proving a difficult subject. I have lived in the East Bay just over a year now and I feel like I am finally starting to really know my way around Oakland and Berkeley. But tonight I went for a run and discovered the Stonewall-Panoramic Train, up above the Claremont Hotel. It was steep. Really steep. It's part of the Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve in the Oakland and Berkeley Hills. I have hiked trails in the Preserve before, but none that are walking distance from civilization. It was a popular choice tonight, a couple even hiked some beer up to the top and were enjoying the sunset on a bench at the summit. I do not plan on taking my camera up that high, but I think it is worth another visit. Going down was an entirely different challenge, you kind of have to shimmy and let gravity help you out, but not allow yourself to pick up too much speed. I could feel my feet sliding all the way to the front of my shoes. It was invigorating feeling connected to my body in two different ways. Thighs, calves and lungs burning on the way up, concentration and agility all the way down. 

I had three family shoot cancelations the month of July, so I'm hurting for models. If you know of anyone who wants to get in front of my lens, let me know

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