A Good Year

This past week marks the year anniversary for a lot of big moments in our lives. It was a year ago July 20th that we flew back from England and were reunited with our Kitty. It was a year ago July 23rd that we got our apartment downtown, and it was a year ago July 27th that I started working at the Crossroads on Market. Before all of this happened there were months of anticipation as to what it would be like reintegrating ourselves back in life in San Francisco. It was the second time we were moving to San Francisco without a home, jobs, or much money in the bank. But this time we knew what to expect. We knew the city, we had friends and previous employers here, and we knew that it was only a matter of time before we were back on our feet.

It's crazy how fast a year goes by. 


English skies and English cows


Bearded irises in Norwich

Living in England made me interested in photography. From May to July of last year I was unemployed and finished with school, so besides playing soccer and planning our next trip to the continent I was set on capturing England blossom. Summer was momentous. It had been a long, cold, wet, and brown winter, and then spring came, and Jeffery came, and the entire country turned green.

There were a lot of cats hanging out in Norwich, and we took a lot of walks, so I started carrying the camera with me and taking their portraits.


In the last year, I was promoted to Assistant Manager at my store, I started this blog, and our dream of getting married in Hawaii is becoming a reality. Jeffery decided to become a paralegal and went back to school to get his certification. And next year is the wedding and we hope to get a dog and move into a house with a garden. Stay tuned!