Tomales Take Two

Lat weekend Marina was still housesitting the B&B on Tomales Bay, so we went for another visit. On Saturday we drove up Highway 1, north of Bodega Bay and explored the Sonoma Coast. It was incredibly windy, but so beautiful. 

Of all the places we stopped, Duncan's Landing was the most beautiful and dramatic. It was fun seeing the beaches whose names I only know from Marina's paintings

By this point there was so much salt spray on my filter that I should have cleaned it to improve clarity. Live and learn.  

Afterwards we had a couple rounds of drinks at the Valley Ford Hotel, which I highly recommend. (When I was a kid, age 7 or 8, my aunt and uncle got married there. I remember part of the wedding feast being a luau pig cooked underground that exploded and got stuck in a tree. They got it down and we ate it and it was delicious.)


After feasting on a late breakfast of spinach and asiago omelets, smoked salmon bagels and honeydew melon (and shooing the cat away), we drove over to the Point Reyes National Seashore and hiked the Tomales Point Trail. 

It was the absolute worst time of day for portraits but I still love this. Thanks for the photo, Marina. 

We hiked about 7 miles round trip, but with those views, it didn't feel like it. This woman is an inspiration. 

It's a bit of a drive and a bit of a hike, and so worth it.