Memorial Day Weekend with Friends // Grass Valley

Warning: this is a photo-heavy post. 

We drove out to the Sierra foothills on Jeffery's birthday to spend Memorial Day weekend with some of our favorite people, to enjoy the lush surroundings, and to meet a very special little lady. Jeffery had never held a baby before and it was pretty incredible watching these uncles fall in love with their one month-old niece. 

On Saturday we hiked past Lake Carr and Lake Feeley to Island Lake, fishing poles in tow. 

Island Lake, Tahoe National Forest

That evening we enjoyed some more baby snuggles. 

Katie runs the garden program at the Grass Valley Charter School, and on Sunday morning she gave us a tour of the [incredible!] grounds. I would send my kids to this school just for the garden. Ranger liked it too.

That evening: family, food, and more baby loving. Uncles, aunties, and cousins, all gathered around, we couldn't keep our eyes off of her.

Welcome to the party, little Ava! We're so glad you're here.