Presidents' Weekend // Grass Valley

Last weekend we drove up to one of our favorite places to spend some quality time with some of our favorite people. On Saturday (Valentine's Day) I was the third wheel on a boys' fishing trip on the Yuba, but with perfect temperatures and breathtaking surroundings I didn't mind at all. We hiked along Independence Trail and it felt like spring. There were countless varieties of ferns and fungi growing out of the hillside, the first wildflowers were popping, and we spotted salamanders in the creeks running down the mountain. We didn't pack a lunch and only had gum and sunflower seeds to curb our hunger after a 90 minutes of hiking and another hour+ of relaxing by the river, but I was inspired by my surroundings (everything was so green!) and I was happy to have my book and my camera with me. 

On Sunday morning we made crepes and got to hang out with this little lady, who will be a year old the next time we see her! She sure lights up the room.

That afternoon we drove up highway 49 towards Downieville, stopping for some sunshine, fishing, and exercise along the way.

We drove up past Sierra City and got a great view of the Buttes, then the boys did some fishing in Salmon creek while Ranger scared away all the fish.



That night we barbecued a whole chicken! It's crazy to think that in a matter of months we'll be calling Nevada County home.