Favorites from 2016 and Looking Forward



I entered 2016 feeling incomplete, and in March I wrote a post about our struggle to conceive. Though we are still not pregnant after 18 months of trying, I feel much more relaxed about our timeline, and we are focusing on renovating our kitchen and building my business. Days after I wrote that post, we lost our Little Kitty. The timing felt incredibly unfair, he was only three and a half, and our baby. His death prompted me to start volunteering at my local animal shelter, photographing the kitties up for adoption. Two months later (which feels like an eternity when you're nursing heartbreak) we met Squirrel, who has healed our hearts. She and Batman bring unbelievable joy to our lives.

In 2016 I launched my Modern Motherhood Series and the response was (and continues to be) incredible. I had no idea how much I would enjoy conducting and transcribing interviews! My intention has always been to return to the project once business slows down, which has yet to happen. In 2016 I photographed 36 families, 11 weddings, two farms, three birthday parties, three engagements and a music festival. In April I flew to Chicago and shot over 4,000 photos in four days. In December I flew to Hawaii and photographed my parent's new studio for Airbnb. I didn't blog nearly enough, but I did swim, read (thisthis, and this were favorites), practiced a lot of yoga, and strengthened relationships with the families of the children I care for. Nannying continues to be the most rewarding companion to my photography. I am grateful for the balance, joy, flexibility, and stability it brings to my life. 

I enter 2017 feeling grateful for all we have and proud of my professional success. I am beyond thankful for new and returning clients and look forward to the people I will meet through my photography. I recently came across a valuable business (and life) lesson: change is not a commitment to that change. I plan to be more receptive to change and the potential that follows. One of my largest growth areas this past year is being open to constructive criticism and having a more critical eye for my work. I am no longer going to let fear or pride hold me back. I know that this year has unbelievable potential, and I'm ready. Cheers to those near and far, and thank you for being here.