berkeley family of three // natural light family photographer

The moment I was welcomed into their happy, sun-drenched living room, the love Brendan and Nicole have for their baby girl was palpable. And babies don't come cuter than Alice. She lit up when I pulled out my camera, an adorable combination of excited and boastful. We read books, kissed kitties, and went for a walk around their lovely neighborhood. I've said it before —right around the first birthday is a great time to hire a professional photographer. By then, new families have settled into a rhythm, everyone is sleeping better (hopefully!) and babies have more personality than ever. They love to follow directions, kissing and clapping on demand, and in many cases, they still want to be held. Once a toddler wants to walk everywhere on their own, it can be a challenge getting mom and dad in the frame. As always with sessions like this, I left feeling grateful for the opportunity to witness and document the love. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do, this is a batch I'm really proud of.