eight weeks


We gave you your first sink bath yesterday evening, and you loved it. And we dried you by the fire and you loved that too. We've been washing you in the shower, which is equally adorable, but harder to photograph. I think these photos really capture what a chill and content little being you are. Besides the bath, the shower, and in bed with us in the morning, the changing table is your favorite place. You love looking at us through the mirror. You probably love it because up there you have twice as many parents, which is awesome. 

It's fun to imagine what life is going to be like with you in the future, but I have to stop myself because I want to enjoy you for who you are right now, which is lovely. We drove up to the mountains last week for a photoshoot and you slept most of the day. We went out to eat and you were awake on my lap the whole time, staring up at the lights on the dark ceiling. I tried my best to eat my meal without dropping food on you, and you didn't make a peep until we got up to leave. We did some window shopping in Truckee, bought your first Christmas ornament (a little embroidered heart), a headband that was on sale, and a sock puppet froggy for Christmas. Walking out of the store, it made me ridiculously happy to imagine playing with you and that puppet, which is money well spent.