We're in paradise, and all we have to do is walk outside and it's beautiful in every direction. The best this sleep deprived and overworked mama could muster for your three month photos is a few frames in a messy bedroom with yellow walls. I tell clients to schedule their shoot for when their baby is their brightest because a happy baby is the most important thing, and it's true. I took these right after your afternoon nap.

Your new trick is standing up on your own, only holding onto my pointer fingers. You laughed for the first time on Christmas Eve, when your daddy and I were playing with you before bed, but haven't had a repeat performance. You have yet to roll over and show zero interest in toys. You are happiest sitting up gnawing on our knuckles, and are drooling like crazy. You love being held up over our heads, are very interested in the world around you, and think I'm the bee's knees. Your new favorite thing is floating on you back and kicking your legs in the bath, and you are great at communicating your needs. You charm everyone you meet. You're generous with smiles, and are generally happy being held by anyone and everyone. When you're really upset, the only thing that calms you down is my presence. I'm used to having to work a lot harder with other babies, but all I have to do is hold you to my chest or lie down next to you and everything is right in the world. 

You've started telling us when it's bedtime. Due to protest on your part, we have ditched the snuggle-me. You now sleep next to me in bed and are nursing every couple of hours. I haven't had a 4 hour stretch of sleep in weeks, and those 6 hour stretches are long gone. But you fall right back to sleep and so do I and I am no longer watching the clock or trying to remember how many times we were up throughout the night because it doesn't matter. 

It is crazy how fast you are growing and changing, and we're trying to savor it all. 

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