For the Win

Soccer season has begun, which means there are fresh flowers in my home, thanks to Marina.


We played a perfect game on Saturday. It was the first game of the season and our first game since we were promoted to D1. I think we surprised the other team. We possessed the majority of the first half, but couldn't score, and they got a fluke goal in. We were down 1-0 at half time, but came out strong the second half and scored two quick goals. I was pretty much exhausted from the start. It was really hot out and I am out of shape, but as soon as we were ahead the adrenaline kicked in and the fatigue went away on its own. Then we were all offense and it was really exciting. We ended up winning 3-1 and then went out for burgers and beers to celebrate.


Thank you Daruma! What a great start to the season.