Three Christmas Trees (and a kitty with his festive toy mice)

Instagram Christmas collage

1. Our apartment is only large enough for a miniature tree, and with a small tree comes small ornaments. Last Christmas Marina gave us hand painted wooden ornaments that belonged to my great grandmother Zoya, and I love them.

miniature wooden ornaments

2. We opened the Christmas package my parents sent a little early (don't tell!) and kitty is the happy recipient of a new package of festive toy mice. We also received Marth Stewart's Cooking School, which is a really beautiful and well-rounded cookbook. We already tried her recipe for butternut squash tortellini, which was simple (though time consuming) and delicious. She recommends techniques that make things more efficient in the kitchen, and I'm a sucker for efficiency. Next on the list of recipes to try: raspberry cream puffs.

3. Every night after work I walk home past the Civic Center, and right now it's lit up for Christmas and oh so beautiful.

4. Thorough Bread has a full size tree in their window, made completely out of bread and decorated with edible goodies. It is stunning and impressive and you should really check it out. (They will be closed for renovations January 1-9.)

thorough bread xmas tree thorough bread window happy holidays

Tomorrow Jeffery and I are going to sleep in and stay in our pajamas and cook food all day and watch basketball. Happy Holidays!