Freesias in the Morning

I had an epiphany the other day. I realized that if I want to have fresh flowers in my house, I can have them. And I can have whatever type I want because I work next door to an amazing flower shop. So I went to the flower shop on my lunch break and informed the lovely ladies that I wanted to purchase some stems, and how much were the peonies? Today, $10 each. Ouch. Ornamental cabbage? $4 each. So I settled on four stems of freesia, because they were beautiful and at $1.50 per stem I could afford to get a small bunch. And they really pack the punch because each stem has so many blossoms. (Reason #178 why we should move to Oakland: when we have a yard we can grow our own flowers, which is so much more satisfying and costs a lot less than buying them.)

freesias in aqua colored glass

Aren't they pretty? I even forgot them at work that night, but they revived themselves in the morning when I gave them a drink. I displayed them in one of my only remaining aqua colored bottles. The rest were boxed up in bubble wrap and have safely arrived at my parents' house. This time tomorrow Jeffery and I will be on a plane there as well.