Hawaii, Day One

We flew in on a perfect day and my mom burst into tears as soon as she saw us. And so I couldn't help but cry too, right outside baggage claim. It's been really difficult planning the wedding with an ocean between us, and we have been counting the days until we could be together. And now we are here, and it's exactly how it should be. Mother and daughter talking garters and nail polish and necklaces and photos and flowers. It is so exciting to be putting together all of the pieces we have been talking about for months.

Here are some things we came home to:

nala with monkeypod

{Nala and the Monkey Pod Tree}

waiting to be planted

{Waiting to be planted}

Mochi and a Mum

{Mochi and a Mum}

Waiting for Mom

{Waiting for dinner}

I'm bursting! This week is going to fly by, especially with more and more of my favorite people arriving each day. My goal is to savor every moment.