Around the house

kitty scowl
ranunculus in the bathroom

I can't go a day without playing with my camera, and usually the only things in my apartment worth photographing are kitty and cut flowers. He has very little patience for it. They, on the other hand, hold perfectly still.

The second half of our soccer season starts tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to it. Due to rain outs, Easter, and my work schedule, it's been almost a month since I've played, and I miss it. It thundered with lightening last night, but today there's blue sky. It should be beautiful on Treasure Island tomorrow.

I've been reading poetry in the mornings with my breakfast, and it puts me in a really great head space. Currently reading Sharon Olds',

The Dead and the Living

, where she focuses on relationships with family. I have not written any poetry in a long time, not since I completed my dissertation in England. I think that having to write poetry as an assignment kind of took the pleasure out of it and made it more of a chore. I want to be a good writer, but it takes practice and I don't have the discipline to practice every day. Photography, on the other hand, is a pleasure, and I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I also think it's a bit more accessible and easier to relate to than words arranged on a page. But I'm glad I've gotten back into reading poetry. I still appreciate the language. Maybe some time I'll share some of my favorites.