When We Got Married

groomsman and garland
ready, break!
best man and maid of honor
flower child
mother and father of the bride
bride and groom full body shot
mother earth officiant
bride and groom
maid of honor in tears
tears and smiles
exchanging rings
wedding rings exchanged
bride smiling
almost married
I now pronounce you husband and wife
you may kiss the bride
wedding kiss hawaii
we're married!
popping champagne

I received some photos of the ceremony from the talented Mr. Deuel. I am doing my best to hold onto memories from every single moment of that day, but six months later I'm already finding that it's easier with the help of photos. Everything and everyone was so beautiful. The love was palpable, evidence of it in the work that made it happen and the celebration that followed. That so many people came from far away to be there. That we were all together in such a beautiful place on a perfect day. We felt so lucky. How did we get so lucky? That these could be our people, that this could be our day? Thank you again to those of you shared it with us. And thank you Travis for capturing it so beautifully. Such a gift.