Our Wedding

When We Got Married

groomsman and garland
ready, break!
best man and maid of honor
flower child
mother and father of the bride
bride and groom full body shot
mother earth officiant
bride and groom
maid of honor in tears
tears and smiles
exchanging rings
wedding rings exchanged
bride smiling
almost married
I now pronounce you husband and wife
you may kiss the bride
wedding kiss hawaii
we're married!
popping champagne

I received some photos of the ceremony from the talented Mr. Deuel. I am doing my best to hold onto memories from every single moment of that day, but six months later I'm already finding that it's easier with the help of photos. Everything and everyone was so beautiful. The love was palpable, evidence of it in the work that made it happen and the celebration that followed. That so many people came from far away to be there. That we were all together in such a beautiful place on a perfect day. We felt so lucky. How did we get so lucky? That these could be our people, that this could be our day? Thank you again to those of you shared it with us. And thank you Travis for capturing it so beautifully. Such a gift.


popping the champagne
sharing is caring
drinking and laughing

After our little photo shoot, we popped some bubbly and got to spend some time enjoying the sunshine with our friends. All the work was done and the party was getting started. It was so much fun being in the moment and getting the chance to celebrate with the people who helped make it all come together.

bride with flower children
bride with flower boy

Then my lovely little flower children showed up. :)

49ers win!

And then the 49ers beat the Saints in the second round of the playoffs and we could go ahead and get married. We didn't think things could get much better.

First Look

groom and dog
bride approaching groom
bride approaching groom
groom won't look at bride

Photos by

Travis Deuel


We chose to break tradition and do a "first look" photo shoot before the ceremony, which so much fun. Our ceremony was set to kick off at 3 (it was a little postponed due to the 49ers playoff game), so it was nice to make use of the early afternoon light before the guests arrived. It was halftime at 2, so the boys were more than willing to pose for photos. When I approached Jeffery for the first time, instead of turning to greet me, he turned away and wouldn't look at me, hence me laughing in the fourth photo. Seeing him calmed my nerves immediately, and from that point on I was really excited. 

All Dolled Up

Maid of honor
applying the bride's makeup
bride applying mascara through mirror
Groomsman tying his tie
bride looking in mirror
the bride getting dressed
the groom and photo wall
the bride's dress
the groom's back

Photos by

Travis Deuel


Travis masterfully captured our emotions leading up to the big moment. I was so anxious it was difficult to smile. I had a meltdown getting my hair done (thankfully my only one), decided to just wear it down (so glad I did), and I hadn't seen my mom for hours because she was preoccupied with the cake. There are plenty of beautiful photos of ugly expressions that I'm not brave enough to share. Later on, the smiles came easily.


bridal shower

My lovely maid of honor, Katie (with the help of my mother and grandmother), threw me a beautiful bridal shower just before Thanksgiving. It was more than I could have asked for, with delicious food, fragrant flowers, and an incredible group of women. They showered me with kitchen gadgets and unmentionables, and it made even more thankful heading into the holidays.

bridal shower
bridal shower
bridal shower
bridal shower
bridal shower
bridal shower
bridal shower
bridal shower

We ate and drank and laughed and played games and ate some more. I am really lucky to have such wonderful women in my life. Katie and her mom hand sewed all of the prizes, and there was so much attention to detail. She included recipe cards with the invitations so everyone passed along to me their favorite recipe. Thank you to everyone who came and took part, it was so nice to be together.