The City in the Background

poppies city scape
poppies and pride flag
red poppies

I'm learning that photography is a lot like writing. One of my writing professors one said that you have to write and write to get all the crap out before you can get to any of the good stuff. I think the same goes for taking photos. Take a dozen photos of something, and maybe the last one will be a keeper.

I love having a poppy garden on my fire escape. They exist in a state of continuous transformation. Almost as soon as they open, their delicate petals fray, then fall away. Photographing them outside, they dance and flirt with the wind. They change expressions, opening and closing, exposing their centers. Some of them shy away, others show their faces.

When we move, I think I'll miss our little garden the most. But this move will get us one step close to having a real garden of our own someday. That's the dream anyway.