Biking in Oakland

biking in oakland

The other day I borrowed Jeff's bike to run errands, and now I can't wait to get a bike of my own. We live in Temescal, which is close to Rockridge. North Oakland so quickly turns into Berkeley, and it's flat and the streets are wide and shady, perfect for biking. We've been grocery shopping at Berkeley Bowl, and it has revolutionized our lives. The produce department is enormous. There are so many options, and there's a clearance bin where you can get an entire bag of tomatos or avocados or eggplant for 99 cents! The other day we made a large bowl of guacamole, and even though the avocados were mushy on the outside, they were perfect on the inside. We've also been making our own pizza and pasta sauces. I can't say it enough, I really love living in Oakland.