Assignment: Self Portrait

I was dragging my feet on this one. I had absolutely no interest in photographing myself.

photographer self portrait black and white hat canon
close up portrait earring hair soft focus
mirror hair wet shower portrait black and white
beautify makeup applying portrait black and white
makeup woman ritual beauty portrait black and white
car reflection driving woman black and white photo
wind swept hair up close portrait black and white
wind swept portrait black and white woman driving
portrait woman wind hair driving black and white
reflection window photo black and white woman portrait
shadow reflection black and white self portrait
shadow reflection people vivid staring black and white self portrait
porsche reflection self portrait black and white
porsche rims tires reflection black and white
falcon reflection distorted black and white self portrait
hair reflection movement black and white self portrait

I now see the importance of being able to use myself as a subject. The human element adds so much interest to an image, and sometimes there won't be anyone else around. It was an interesting study on reflection. I love how capturing an exposure though a window creates the look of a double negative, and it gives an image a ghostly quality. Also, the distortion of reflections in automobiles is really interesting. And hair. Hair is the most interesting thing about most of my photos. I had an English Literature professor who hated it when we used the word "interesting." Good thing this isn't about literature.